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Personal projects I created

Lunch - Game
Lunch - Game

An interactive fiction game that lets you stroll through the conversation a couple is having at a restaurant.

Warm-up Sketchbook 08/10/15

Murder Scene: The murder occurred in a park, at night. Apparent suicide with a small gun. A well known detective. The victim's house has been broken into and searched.

Sarah put a hand on her mouth, and shut her eyes tight. She was well aware that it won’t help her be more quite. But somehow, on a strange level, it helped her feel invisible as a large shadowy character tore through her grandfather’s apartment. It was a small two bedroom apartment on the third floor. Sarah hid in the closet of the guest bedroom. It seemed to have been visited by the intruder already, and she hoped that he would not come back for a second look through.

Warm-up Sketchbook 08/03/15

Romance: The relationship begins when two people that frequent the same cafe for lunch accidentally spill coffee on each other. One of the characters is currently in a relationship. Love has no secrets. One of the characters was adopted at a young age.

“Oh, no! I’m such a mass. I’m so sorry…” Nora was vigorously rubbing the chest of a stranger with her sleeve, trying desperately to make the fresh stain of coffee disappear.

“It’s alright...” the stranger tried to comfort her.

Nora disregarded this attempt. “I can get it dry cleaned. There’s a place right around the corner, I can take it there now! might need your a shirt you need this shirt now?” She asked, her sleeve still struggling to soak the stain.

Warm-up Sketchbook 07/30/15

SciFi/Space: You are within a densely populated city on a colonized planet. The reason for the ship's / colony's existence has been hidden from its occupants. Your character has trouble adjusting to their new life. World War Three resulted in one globally unified government.

“Move to Pluto, they said. It’s the hip place for young professionals, they said. Well it doesn’t look like anyone is really interested in this young professional.” Nick pointed two thumbs at himself.

This gesture didn’t seem to amuse the administrative assistant with whom he was sharing his woes. “I’m sorry, Mr. Frankford. But the other candidate was simply better qualified for this position. But we will gladly keep your resume on file, should any more appropriate positions open up in the future.”

“You do that, Ms. Botinelly. You do that.”

Warm-up Sketchbook 07/29/15

Fantasy/Magic: You are in an abandoned city. You are a bounty hunter. Precognitive abilities allow you to turn deadly events into useful situations. You must find rare magical ingredients for a cure.

Two orcs leaned against a gate at the entrance to an old city. The dark night was lit only by a few camp fires tucked behind the walls of the city. No doubt belonging to the friends and companions of the fine two gentleman, Largs and Norb, currently leaned against the gate.

“He always asks me about my future plans, you know?” Offered Largs, hoping to entertain his companion.

Warm-up Sketchbook 07/28/15

Action/Thriller: You are in a hotel room. You have an important photograph in your pocket. You are being followed throughout the story. You must deliver sensitive information.

I looked through the curtain. It was as dark outside as it was in this small hotel room. The damn heat took out the power in the entire block. Sweat rolled down my brow. I told myself it was the heat, but a persistent voice in the back of my head urged me to get my shit together. I’m supposed to be a professional. At least that’s what the sign I glued to my door said. A certified private investigator. The fact the my certificate was for HVAC repair and maintenance was just a small omission I had to propagate in order to get this first gig. Besides I only had a few weeks left on that online Criminal Justice degree. I’m practically an expert by now.

Warm-up Sketchbook 07/27/15

SciFi/Space: You are on a deep-space rescue mission. Your character becomes trapped within a simulated consciousness without realizing it. Your character is an influential government figure with access to almost everything. Humans in the future are genetically modified to be perfect.

“Madam President? President Krishna? Ma’am…?” The voices vaguely registered in her subconscious. It was the last things she heard from the physical world. Her mind began constructing an alternate reality almost immediately.

Warm-up Sketchbook 07/16/15

Horror/suspense: The climax occurs at a cottage where a character seeks refuge. An old superstition is uncovered and put to the test. An investigative journalist . The lights begin to flicker.

This was a terrible idea. Robert knew that long before he found himself in the attic of this abandoned cottage. Yet following terrible ideas to terrible places has been part of Robert’s job description as a journalist for quite a while now. He always felt that the purity of his pursuit for uncovering and shedding light on the truth has attracted the attention of a great unexplainable force; always protecting and guiding him. But tonight he feared that even that force did not dare to enter this place with him.

Warm-up Sketchbook 07/14/15

Romance: An introduction made by a close friend sets up a romantic relationship. One of the characters is afraid of making a commitment. Opposites attract. The characters bond while going to a place that holds sentimental value.

They both showed up to cheer-up Robbie after a rough breakup. Even though they were best friends with Robbie for years now, they’ve never met. Robbie was convinced that the universe would implode if they ever do. They’ve heard stories of each other though. Many stories. None of them seemed to convince the other of the necessity for an introduction.

Warm-up Sketchbook 07/13/15

Fantasy/Magic: You are living in an evil and corrupt city. Your character is reclusive and has no status in society. You have two pet dragons. You must unite humanity under one leader to face a larger threat.

Zorn was petting a red scaled beast resting on his lap. I could almost swear he was purring. The dragon, that is. A second dragon was curled up next to his feet. This might have seemed charming if the two pets were not fire breathing devils, owned by an antisocial magus who was only ever seen in public twice. Both times are generally regarded as not the most pleasant visits. Although that was before the new party arrived. The definition of pleasant has since shifted. Not for the better, might I add.

The Warm-up Sketchbook Concept

My friend and I talked about the habit of writing. How hard it can sometimes be to keep writing my project. Even when I know exactly what needs to happen on that page, the words escape. Yet the invariable you'll hear from any writer is that you must always write. It must become a habit. But how?

Conference Front Line Training
Conference Front Line Training

As volunteers at the American Physical Society (APS) Division of Fluid Dynamics (DFD) 63rd Annual Meeting, our job is simple. Defend the line. Defend the laser pointer.

Technical Difficulties
Technical Difficulties

Technology, it doesn't always do what it is asked...

Some People Can't Handle It
Some People Can't Handle It

Some times after a long day of staring at your work without any progress, the only logical thing to do is - go crazy.

Grad School Rush
Grad School Rush

Grad schools can be like sororities sometimes. During the application process they make you think they love you and want you there, but then comes the little envelope telling you there were better candidates out there.

A Tale of Arrogance and Murder

A phone ring attempted to pull Janet away from her dreams. She was dissatisfied with that fact, as she was having a delightful dream. Janet M. Rouge was just about to outsmart the pompous, intolerable, and arrogant Alexander Darren Keen, also known as “Ass Holmes” among the local police force. Mr. Keen was about to be humiliated in front of the Chief of Police and whole of San Francisco's news broadcasts, if not for the second phone ring that finally woke Janet up.

“Janet speaking,” she said in a half dreaming voice, but her expression quickly acquired alertness, and she jumped out of bed.

“I'll be right over.”

The Dream Home

Finally, the last box of Daniel's belongings was now sitting comfortably in the middle of his new living room. And even though it was surrounded by many similar boxes, the room still seemed vast and open. Daniel tore off the plastic from his old armchair and plopped in it. It was the most comfortable piece of furniture he ever owned, and in it he was finally able to relax from the tedious move. Daniel hated moving. He spent weeks packing all his things, just so that he can spend more time unpacking. The whole process seemed so redundant to him.

As he let his eyes wonder lazily about his new home, he noticed a few crumpled pieces of paper stuck in an air vent directly above him.

Corporate Espionage
Corporate Espionage

Our professor told us about a class he took on corporate espionage. This is what it looked like in my head.