Warm-up Sketchbook 07/16/15

Published: Jul 15, 2015 by Sofy Kabachek

Horror/suspense: The climax occurs at a cottage where a character seeks refuge. An old superstition is uncovered and put to the test. An investigative journalist . The lights begin to flicker.

This was a terrible idea. Robert knew that long before he found himself in the attic of this abandoned cottage. Yet following terrible ideas to terrible places has been part of Robert’s job description as a journalist for quite a while now. He always felt that the purity of his pursuit for uncovering and shedding light on the truth has attracted the attention of a great unexplainable force; always protecting and guiding him. But tonight he feared that even that force did not dare to enter this place with him.

The local town has been hit with a strange affliction. people fall into a deep sleep. not really a comma, because they keep chanting in strange language in their sleep. the whole town has been quarantined. and a special high level quarantine area was established for the patient. only relief and rescue professionals, and parents of minors within the quarantine were allowed to enter the town. after some legal fights, and a court ruling, a handful of journalists were allowed to enter as well. Robert was one of them.

No one is allowed to leave.all the patients were afflicted simultaneously after a short power fluctuation in the town. both the CDC and the John Hopkins department of infectious disease cannot identify the pattern of infection. Robert found that all patients have had personal items stolen. Not all were of significant monetary value, but they all were of great personal importance.

Following the train of thefts leads him to the cottage. There in the attic he finds the thief afflicted by the sleep, drooling and mumbling. He was passed out in the middle of a strange design drawn with chalk, surrounded with the stolen items. on a podium next to him was an old book.

Robert photographs the scene. Trying to capture every detail. And leaves the place as fast as possible. something about quiets even his curiosity. He sends the pictures to a friend of his, a theology professor at Princeton, in hopes that he might know someone that could shed light on this strange scene.

This is a warm-up sketch. Find out more HERE.