Warm-up Sketchbook 07/29/15

Published: Jul 28, 2015 by Sofy Kabachek

Fantasy/Magic: You are in an abandoned city. You are a bounty hunter. Precognitive abilities allow you to turn deadly events into useful situations. You must find rare magical ingredients for a cure.

Two orcs leaned against a gate at the entrance to an old city. The dark night was lit only by a few camp fires tucked behind the walls of the city. No doubt belonging to the friends and companions of the fine two gentleman, Largs and Norb, currently leaned against the gate.

“He always asks me about my future plans, you know?” Offered Largs, hoping to entertain his companion.

“Who?” Norb asked, appearing to be caught off guard.


“Who asks you about future plans?”

“The general…he’s like, what do you want to do in two year? What do you want to do in five years? Like anyone knows. I wanna be alive, that’s what I want.”

“Is that what you told him?”

“No, are you kidding?! I told him I want to be a sergeant.”

“Ha! What did he say?”

“Asked me how I plan to achieve that. How am I supposed to know?! I’m just a soldier, I do what I’m told!”

“Well, with this type of thinking you’ll never move up in life. You need to show some initiative.”

“Shut up! What initiative did you show?!”

“I organized a cherry picking troop every other weekday to supplement our nutritional intake. It will definitely reflect on my mid year performance review.”

“I feel like I should decapitate you just on principle for that. I mean, how on earth is that helping us become the great invincible army?”

“Proper nutrition is very important.”

“As if!”

“I’m serious. When’s the last time you ate a salad?”

“I don’t need salad! I’m a damn orc! My proper nutrition consists of fresh human flesh.”

“Well, that certainly explains your figure.”

Largs scoffed at the offending remark. But before he could rebuke the improper evaluation of his physique, Largs noticed Norb’s head role past him. What a shame, he thought, I really did enjoy those cherries. It was his last thought before his head joined Norb’s in a leisurely roll down the hill.

Eldor, the dark assassin, tucked an escaped strand of hair behind a pointed elven ear. Although his task didn’t explicitly call for an assassination, it was evident by the location of operation that his particular skills will be essential. Eldor was tasked with the extraction of two humans taken hostage by the army of orcs and goblins presently occupying the ruins of the city Iscelldor. The most important of which was Ellenor, a rogue wizard for hire who was in possession of herbs essential for curing the elven queen. The other, Roger, a bounty hunter that was in the process of delivering Ellenor to the nearest human precinct when they were ambushed, was dispensable.

This is a warm-up sketch. Find out more HERE.