Warm-up Sketchbook 08/03/15

Published: Aug 2, 2015 by Sofy Kabachek

Romance: The relationship begins when two people that frequent the same cafe for lunch accidentally spill coffee on each other. One of the characters is currently in a relationship. Love has no secrets. One of the characters was adopted at a young age.

“Oh, no! I’m such a mass. I’m so sorry…” Nora was vigorously rubbing the chest of a stranger with her sleeve, trying desperately to make the fresh stain of coffee disappear.

“It’s alright…” the stranger tried to comfort her.

Nora disregarded this attempt. “I can get it dry cleaned. There’s a place right around the corner, I can take it there now! Wait…no…you might need your a shirt now…do you need this shirt now?” She asked, her sleeve still struggling to soak the stain.

The Stranger grabbed her hand, and held it tightly in his. “Really. It’s alright.” This seemed to have been the only way to stop the rubbing. “I have a spare in my office. This truly is not the end of the world, miss.”

“Um…Nora. You can call me Nora.”

“Nora. What a pleasure. You can relax now. Trust me, this shirt has weathered a lot worse.”

“Ha, well, at least it’s not red wine…I spilled red wine on my blouse last week. Might as well throw it out! I mean, I haven’t yet…hoping for a miracle, I guess…I’m babbling. Am I babbling? I feel like I’m babbling…”

“Try shaving cream.”


“That’s what I use to remove tough stains.”


“Works surprisingly well.”

“I’ll do that…”

The stranger smiled, shook Nora’s hand, and turned to walk away. For some strange reason, at that exact moment, Nora was overcome with the feeling that she might not see this stranger ever again. And that somehow if he does disappear entirely, it will make her life a little less interesting.

“Who should I blame if it ruins my blouse?” She called after him.


“The shaving cream, if it doesn’t…look, it’s just my clever way of asking for your name.” She smiled nervously.

He smiled in answer. “It’s Charles.” He shook her hand again. “I actually come here all the time. You just never noticed me before, because I am usually proficient at avoiding dangerous spills.”

“Oh, yeah? What made you suck so bad at it today?”

“I just had to meet you.” His expression altered slightly, and his lips bore a more serious curve. “At last.”

That’s a weird thing for a stranger to say to another stranger, thought Nora, as she nervously swallowed and wriggled her hand from his.

“Don’t worry, Nora. Your first intuition was right. Your life will indeed become a little more interesting now.”

This is a warm-up sketch. Find out more HERE.