Stories I've written

A Tale of Arrogance and Murder

A phone ring attempted to pull Janet away from her dreams. She was dissatisfied with that fact, as she was having a delightful dream. Janet M. Rouge was just about to outsmart the pompous, intolerable, and arrogant Alexander Darren Keen, also known as “Ass Holmes” among the local police force. Mr. Keen was about to be humiliated in front of the Chief of Police and whole of San Francisco's news broadcasts, if not for the second phone ring that finally woke Janet up.

“Janet speaking,” she said in a half dreaming voice, but her expression quickly acquired alertness, and she jumped out of bed.

“I'll be right over.”

The Dream Home

Finally, the last box of Daniel's belongings was now sitting comfortably in the middle of his new living room. And even though it was surrounded by many similar boxes, the room still seemed vast and open. Daniel tore off the plastic from his old armchair and plopped in it. It was the most comfortable piece of furniture he ever owned, and in it he was finally able to relax from the tedious move. Daniel hated moving. He spent weeks packing all his things, just so that he can spend more time unpacking. The whole process seemed so redundant to him.

As he let his eyes wonder lazily about his new home, he noticed a few crumpled pieces of paper stuck in an air vent directly above him.