Warm-up Sketchbook 07/27/15

Published: Jul 26, 2015 by Sofy Kabachek

SciFi/Space: You are on a deep-space rescue mission. Your character becomes trapped within a simulated consciousness without realizing it. Your character is an influential government figure with access to almost everything. Humans in the future are genetically modified to be perfect.

“Madam President? President Krishna? Ma’am…?” The voices vaguely registered in her subconscious. It was the last things she heard from the physical world. Her mind began constructing an alternate reality almost immediately.

It was a protection mechanism implemented on a basic genetic level. Developed in the late 2200’s, it was design to preserve the the brain’s capacity when the body sustained great trauma. With the presumption that the rapier of the trauma would be so long, that the acclimation to an ordered reality would be too drastic when the patient awoke again, if an alternate ordered reality was not maintained in it’s place. This solution provided the safe reacclimation of many patients, and was generally regarded as a great success. It would have been the case with President Krishna as well, if she was not the first president to utilize the Telepathic Control Room technology in her presidential office.

TCR technology has been around for ages. Even longer than the Alternate Ordered Reality Protocol. But as with most governmental updates, it took a very long time to permeate into the White House. It was designed to be foolproof. Even in the event of AORP triggering. In fact, it was design to disengage and transfer to the acting veep as soon as the president entered AORP.

Yet it did not.

Richard Nuremberg, chief architect on the White House TCR project, currently attempting to maintain the president’s hold on the physical reality using the rudimentary method of calling her name, was beginning to suspect sabotage. It would take him some time to audibly admit that though, since it directly indicated the existence of a major flaw in his architecture.

“Madam President, please…stay with me…” Richard whispered desperately, as it dawned on him that she was fully engaged in her AORP while maintaining full control of WH-TCR; capable of engaging any of the White House systems with the power of thoughts and recollection. Including, and certainly not limited to, the controls of Space Force One which they all currently occupied.

“We have to shut down the White House TCR immediately!”

This is a warm-up sketch. Find out more HERE.