The Warm-up Sketchbook Concept

Published: Jul 12, 2015 by Sofy Kabachek

My friend and I talked about the habit of writing. How hard it can sometimes be to keep writing my project. Even when I know exactly what needs to happen on that page, the words escape. Yet the invariable you’ll hear from any writer is that you must always write. It must become a habit. But how?

That is when the idea of a Warm-up Sketchbook surfaced up. Back in art school, my friend was instructed to have a completely separate sketchbook just for warm-ups. before each class the artist stretch their muscles with simple, almost throw away, doodles. In the case of my friend, they were circles. Three days a week, for eighteen weeks, the first ten minutes of the class were circles. It’s that simple.

My friend now draws a perfect circle. I know there’s a bunch of mathematicians in the back raising a sceptical brow, but you haven’t seen her circle.

That is what we needed. We then focused on translating that practice to writing. On a regular basis, especially when no other writing was done, I want to spend some time putting words on a (metaphorical) page. Doesn’t have to end-up as anything, doesn’t have to be any good. It just has to be.

We found a prompt app to help with the empty page affliction, Story Plot Generator. And every day I’ll try to write down more than 300 words, inspired by the generated plot. The results will be posted on this site for your pleasure. Enjoy!