Hell's Playground

25 Aug 2013

Since she could remember herself, her father prepared her for moments like this. Don't talk to strangers. Don't open the door to strangers. Now, there were two shadows reflecting on the living room window.

“Where's the money, Jack?” the larger shadow demanded. After a moment of silence, she heard the window break, as a man's body flew through it crashing into her home. The man grunted. She heard glass shuttering under the boots of the large stranger entering her home. If a stranger opens the door forcefully, get under the bed and stay quite until the danger is gone. The monster hunted darkness under her bed seemed comforting, now that the stranger came.

“I don't owe you nothing, you little piece of shi - Ah!” she heard the stranger's foot run into the man's guts.

“Wrong answer.”

If you get scared, cover your ears, close your eyes and play a nice tone in your mind. She could feel her heart beat fast as a drummer bunny. She wasn't scared, she just didn't want him to die.

“This is my share! Tony gave it to me!” she could hear fear in the man‘s voice, fear of something much greater then death.

“Look at yourself, you're pathetic! There is nothing in this world that belongs to you. You're nothing! Now give me the damn money before I burn this place down.” that voice was evil. She could feel it. She tried not to hear it, but it cut through her flesh and bones until it reached her deepest nightmares. She cried, quietly. It is very important that you stay completely silent, when playing hide and seek with strangers.

“She belongs to me. And I need the money for her! She could die!” his words got choked by tears.

“I don't care if she dies. I don't care if you die, why should I care about her?!” she heard a gun click, it was ready to shoot. She knew it was pointed at the man's forehead. No matter what you hear or see, do not get out of your hiding place.

“It's here, isn't it?” the stranger sounded playful now. The man didn't answer. “Fuck that. I don't need you! I'll find the money my self.” the stranger laughed. “Good bye, Jack.”

If something happens to me, take the money and go to the hospital. Marie will take care of you. She believed her father taught her well, but she found her own way of dealing with dangerous strangers.

It wasn‘t the first time a gun shot echoed in the neighborhood. The streets sighed with sorrow, but lied still. Jack saw his daughter standing in the living room, tears scaring her face, her hands shaking the gun she held.

It dose not take that much pressure to trigger a gun.